Building a nuclear power plant in Namibia

Voltranium is planning on developing an opencast uranium mine and building a new generation nuclear super power plant deep in the heart of the Namibian bush.

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VOLTRANIUM – A supernova in Namibia

Plenty of uranium, plains soon to be deserted by buffalos and bongo drums, cheap and devoted labour, the nearby mighty river Kunene: Namibia is definitely the best place for Voltranium to build its first laser inertial fusion nuclear power plant. This will be more than just an experiment, it will be an opportunity to safely and fully use a several TNT megatons Petajoule laser, to bring you light, heat, comfort, evolution and freedom anywhere, even in that wilderness. Energynauts, look how Little Boy has grown and how the dream of a domesticated sun, of a constant power has come true. Let's catch this dream together!

Voltranium's future site in Namibia.

Campaign : Nuclear

There is no such thing as a 100 percent safe nuclear power. There is no such thing as a 100 percent recyclable nuclear power. Despite companies and rulers' sworn oaths, history, particularly and sadly recent one, has proved that nuclear power is a costly and dangerous energy and a political choice imposed on citizens.
Yet, this political choice affects every single one of us: major risks, energy bills escalating as nuclear facilities get older and sustainable energy development blockage.
Nuclear power and sustainable energy electric systems being so drastically different, it is impossible to get them together.

Saying that one day we will be able to save on bills and "have a little bit of everything", meaning both nuclear and sustainable energies, is a lie. A radical choice needs to be made and one Euro cannot be invested in two places at once.
That is the way Greenpeace wants to address nuclear power, in a true straightforward manner. Because people must not let experts decide whether nuclear power is good or not. Citizens need to take over this debate that is actively affecting them!

Today, we can trigger an actual energy transition!

Time has come for politicians, industrialists and even trade unions to stop supporting yesterday's industry in disregard of tomorrow's jobs! Time has come to overcome self-interest. Time has come to give priority to our economy and common good.