Greenpeace is an international non-governmental environmental organisation with 28 national and regional offices on every continent. Since 1971, Greenpeace has been reporting environmental crimes and working on solutions to protect the planet and promote peace.

Greenpeace wants to change the world without taking power

In that matter, the organisation works on global issues (climate, energy, biodiversity) that can directly or indirectly affect each person on Earth. Greenpeace urges governments, industrialists and international organisations to act for the planet.

Greenpeace is guided by fundamental values

  • Non-violence

    from its very first action to the present, Greenpeace has always been guided by the will to inform people and stand in the way through non-violent direct action. Because deep down we know that people can peacefully stop harm to the environment, even when these actions are conducted by the most powerful interests.

  • Political independence

    Greenpeace is an organisation independent from states and political and economic powers. Greenpeace is not supported by any political party and does not support any.

  • Financial independence

    Greenpeace refuses financial contributions from companies and any kind of public money. The organisation is entirely funded by citizens. This structural independence guarantees our freedom of speech and action, anytime, anywhere.

innovation catalyst patron for the future financial supporter of geniuses maker of tomorrow nature tamer planet optimiser

Killstarter incubates the future

Killstarter is a crowdfunding platform connecting visionary minds and presenting novel projects to individuals eager to build the future. Encouraging risk-taking behaviours and ignoring the precautionary principle, we are a crossroads where patrons and geniuses team up to shape tomorrow's world.

  • Conquering the world

  • Groundbreaking projects

  • Creative entrepreneurs

Killstarter's projects

Because we live in a world overflowing with riches, we promote creative entrepreneurs eager to push the limits and take advantage of Nature in order to secure growth and prosperity.

  • Foodflix

    by Luiz de Oliveira

    Creating a GMO hexapod chicken
    The geneticists here at FoodFlix are bringing us a food revolution by introducing ant DNA into chicken genome. Welcome to the augmented food era!

    Sao Paulo
    • 2,271% Founded
    • 18 165 459 € Pledged
    • 3156 Days left
  • Voltranium

    by Ferdinand Sastre

    Building a nuclear power plant in Namibia
    Voltranium is planning on developing an opencast uranium mine and building a new generation nuclear super power plant deep in the heart of the Namibian bush.

    • 1,202% Founded
    • 1 803 689 662 € Pledged
    • 3049 Days left
  • Black Gold Company

    by Bethany Powers

    Installing a sea ice melter
    Melting sea ice with a massive lens to easily access Alaska's gigantic fossil fuel resources, here's Black Gold Company's challenge

    Prudhoe Bay
    • 841% Founded
    • 6 730 548 € Pledged
    • 3006 Days left
  • Urbanayat

    by Puang Hidayat

    Birth of a weapon of mass deforestation
    Because forests slow down the fast urbanisation of Indonesia, Urbanayat, a big regional construction company, has created the decachainsawmetre, the first weapon of mass deforestation.

    Pangkalan Kerinci
    • 3,418% Founded
    • 1 709 100 € Pledged
    • 3170 Days left
  • Galician Fishermen Union

    by Esteban Vezaro

    Introducing a high-performance trawl
    Galician fishermen are developing a triple-mesh trawl to catch even more species, increase the volume of fish caught and optimise each trip.

    A Coruña
    • 565% Founded
    • 14 681 662 € Pledged
    • 2943 Days left
  • SEC Corp

    by Rames Tulin

    Upgrading a chemical workshop
    SEC Corp is firmly committed to its workers and will from now on bleach your jeans with a brand new chemical process. The waste will be washed away by the Nile.

    • 420% Founded
    • 2 308 883 € Pledged
    • 2977 Days left
  • HubrisFund

    by Ted Savage

    Death Valley is a wonderful place to visit despite an intolerably hot weather that might put you off. Let's workaround the problem and build a vast air-conditioned tourist facility to stride along those paths and enjoy those breathtaking sceneries.

    • 100% Founded
    • 1 200 000$ Pledged
    • 0 Days left
  • Agrilight

    by Ariel Granado

    Patagonia has one of the richest farmland in the world. To make the most of this remarkable land, we're planning on installing high voltage floodlights around our fields to generate constant light for our crops. The dream of a 24/7 photosynthesis.

    • 100% Founded
    • 100 000$ Pledged
    • 0 Days left
  • Sulforest

    by Jasper Vilin

    Forced to acknowledge that acid rain works better than any type of traditional deforestation technique, we're working on a groundbreaking machine tool: a sprayer delivering a concentrated potassium cyanide and sulphuric acid solution. When Nature inspires Progress.

    Kapot Nhinore
    • 100% Founded
    • 68 000$ Pledged
    • 0 Days left

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